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Sat, June 3  
Basket making 

Make your own Berry Basket for just $15 !

Watch a basket come to life!  

Purchase another one to take home!



Baskets are woven into many shapes to suit any desired use.  There are small Berry and Egg baskets, baskets for yarn, storage or laundry, pack baskets and huge  harvesting baskets.


            Outside the Weaver's Cabin, 11 am - 3 pm  

(Weather Permitting)



Buy a handmade 


Sat, June 17 - Fleece to Shawl
~ Sheep Shearing at noon & 1 pm ~
- Live Fiddle Music in the afternoon - 


 How do we turn a Sheep into a shawl?  


Come see the magic !  Watch a sheep being sheared!


Teams of spinners and weavers will demonstrate how they process wool fleece, spin yarn and weave it into a scarf or shawl all within an afternoon!   


Shawls will sold at a silent auction.  Proceeds support the individual teams and the Weavers' of Harmony.


Outside the Weaver's Cabin 11 am - 3 pm

(Weather Permitting)



- Bid on a Shawl made today!

- Huge selection of Yarns

- Sheep fleeces

- fiber equipment

Sat, July 15 - Natural Dyeing   - Demonstration -

Our world is filled with color, and in the hands of a skilled Dyer, fibers can be made into any color of the rainbow!


Today we will dye yarns into lovely colors using natural dye materials.  Fiber can be dyed "in the fleece", as yarn or as cloth.


Treating the fiber - or the dyepot - with different mordants can "brighten" or "sadden"  the color, or even change the color all together!


Demonstration outside the Weaver's Cabin 11 am - 3 pm

(Weather Permitting)

  Sat, Aug 19 - Flax to Linen
     - Demonstration - 

Did you know that lovely linen cloth is made naturally from the Flax plant, which looks like straw?  

 Fine linen cloth has been produced from the Flax plant for thousands of years .  The many labor intensive steps required to extract the lovely fiber from the stem are demonstrated here today, using time honored tools and skills.        

   -- Outside the Weaver's Cabin 11 am - 3 pm  --

(Weather Permitting)

 Sat, Sept 9 - RESCHEDULED Spinning wheel Gathering joins Sock Machine knitting next week!

Spinning wheels, new and old, huge and small., some in use, some too fragile to use.

  You will see the large "Great" or "Walking" wheels, the small Flax wheels, and all sizes in between!

 Do you have a spinning wheel?  Bring it along!  Spin with us if you can.  Want to learn more about wheels?  Come to watch and  ask questions.


   -- Outside the Weaver's Cabin 11 am - 3 pm  --

(Weather Permitting)

Sat Sept 16 - Crank it up!                  The Amazing Sock Knitting Machine Demo!
 And a Gathering of Spinning Wheels!  Bring your wheel and join us!

If you have ever knitted a pair of socks, you know they take time.  Consider having to knit ALL the socks needed by your family!

As long ago at the late 16th century, a mechanical knitting machine was developed to ease this arduous task.


 Cabin Volunteer Diane McCrea has restored an antique sock knitting machine to working order.  Come see this amazing machine in action.  Turn the crank and watch the  process to create beautiful socks.


      ---Socks by Diane available for purchase---


      Demo at the Weavers' Cabin 11am - 3pm

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